About us

ARMAK GmbH, Motors www.armak-motor.de
was founded in 2007 with equal parity of

Krisch-Dienst GmbH www.krisch-dienst.de and
Water Hydraulics Company Ltd. www.waterhydraulics.co.uk

2015 we started with equal parity of
Krisch-Dienst GmbH and Water Hydraulics Co. Ltd the
Armak Ltd www.armak.co.uk.

Without external investment ARMAK developed new technology Geared Piston Motors which in international competition won by technical advantages.
Today Armak does supply
Air Motors AGP range
Gas Pressure Motors GGP range
Steam Motors SGP range – as of 2016 still under development

AGP Air Motors are sold world wide by
Armak Ltd, Hull, East Yorkshire, England except that in
Austria, Germany, Switzerland AGP Air Motors are sold by the parent company
Krisch-Dienst GmbH, Kornwestheim, Germany.
GGP Gas Pressure Motors and SGP Steam Motors world wide are sold by
Armak GmbH, Kornwestheim, Germany

Production Facility, Hull, East Yorkshire, England - location of Armak Ltd