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Generator Drives by ARMAK Gas Pressure Motors

A new technology

ARMAK Gas Pressure Motors

are available in two sizes:
the GGP04 with a power range from 2 to 4 kW
the GGP16 with a power range from 16 to 30 kW.
The motors will operate with system
pressure up to 15 bar and with temperatures up to 130°C
for use with non corrosive media.

The new Armak Gas Pressure Motors are developed to operate in ORC systems as generator drive. They will replace presently used turbines, which are in the power range below 50 kW electric neither performance nor cost efficient.

Armak Gas Pressure Motors will be used in ORC systems connected to CHP units, to solar power plants or to any heat source which is otherwise wasted, in order to produce electric power from such waste heat.

Consider for example a Combined Heat and Power Plant. The combustion engine in this plant has at best 40% efficiency. 60% of energy input is lost. Out of these 60% an ORC system will produce electric power and thereby will increase the overall efficiency, will create electric power without additional energy input.

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ARMAK gas motor
ARMAK gas motor GGP16

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