Air-Power without explosion hazard

ARMAK Geared Piston Motors

The advantage of air motors is the built in explosion proof operation - air is safe.
The advantage of air motors is the low cost total installation cost.
The advantage of air motors is the simple and safe control.

They are well-proven. 
But even good things need improvement.

One Improvement is the Armak Air Motor with these features:

  • All rotating and torque producing parts are running without physical contactresulting in long time trouble free operation.
  • The motor housing is completely enclosed without internal oil sump andwith standard IEC flange.SAE flange can be supplied.
  • Installation can be done as required shaft up or down or horizontal.
  • Smooth operation is from 75 rpm up to max. speed - subject to motor size between 1.800 and 2.500 rpm.
  • Gears, brakes, lever or remote control and other accessories can be supplied.

Applications are for example in Off Shore Technology, Marine Applications, Mining or General Engineering

Design Details

The torque is developed by one rotating power piston and is transferred to the output shaft with its sealing rotor by a synchronizing gear train. Both components are rotating without physical contact and an extremely small air gap for high motor efficiency. This frictionless operation results in long maintenance free operation without downtime.

The totally closed motor housing without breather holes permits applications in wet or dirty surroundings without danger of corrosion in the motor.

The picture shows the AGP16FM motor with lever control valve for steplessly adjustable operation in CW or ACW rotation.

The red covers are on the air inlet / air outlet openings.

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