New stainless ARMAK Valves for Air Motors

ARMAK Pneumatic Valves are a patented design with flat gaskets instead of conventional construction with O-seal or cone seat.
When operating, the valve seat is lifting until the valve can be touch free moved and sank to final position.
In doing so, the system pressure is doing the sealing. This construction results a more sensitive and precise control as conventional slide valve with circle or square shaped cross sections or valves with cone seat.
The highest requirements for valves are in the areas of lifting tool and winch construction.
Maximum load lifting and sinking with save throttling is a basic condition.
Users of ARMAK Pneumatic Valves confirm that these valves have a more precise controllability, as well as they may sink a load saver and better throttled.
Via control washers with variable (flow) cross sections, the throttle may be adjusted to nearly every application.

The handle bar of ARMAK manually controlled Valves is the most important part of the valve, and has to be easy reachable and usable.
For conventional valves, the handle bar is a basic part of the valve.
Actually the position of the bar depends on the motor integration type.
The bar position of ARMAK manually controlled Valves can be changed by the user
to up-, down- or backwards.

ARMAK remote controlled Valves offer the same technology and advantages as ARMAK manually controlled Valves but they can be remote controlled over distances up to 10m.


Rotary piston motor AGP04
with manually controlled valve and brake:

Handlebar in side position




Rotary piston motor AGP16
with possible integration variants,
Adjustable by the user



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