Mining Locomotive with ARMAK Air Motors and hydraulic Brake

The decline in German coal mining resulted in reduced development of mining equipment. A typical example were over head monorail systems for underground transport. This is why GTA Maschinensysteme GmbH (, a market leader in overhead mining equipment, developed a new shunting and transport locomotive air powered by the AGP10 Geared Piston Air motor from ARMAK GmbH (

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Stainless Armak Valves for Air Motors

The new patented Armak manual contrrolled valves are equiped with flad gaskets instead of conventional design.
Differing to standard slide valves a more precise control is possible. Our latest development are control washers, which guarantee an indivitual throttling of rpm.

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Air-Power without explosion hazard

The advantage of air motors is the built in explosion proof operation - air is safe.

All rotating and torque producing parts of ARMAK Air Motors are running without physical contact resulting in long time trouble free operation.

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