Mining Locomotive with ARMAK Air Motors and hydraulic Brake

The decline in German coal mining resulted in reduced development of mining equipment. A typical example were over head monorail systems for underground transport.
This is why GTA Maschinensysteme GmbH (, a market leader in overhead mining equipment, developed a new shunting and transport locomotive air powered by the AGP10 Geared Piston Air motor from ARMAK GmbH (

The coal mines required replacement for presently used but more than 10 years old equipment, which in many cases is not up to today’s safety standards. One such demand was for a locomotive with up to 3.000 kg traction in galleries with inclines of +/- 15 degree. An absolute safe downhill drive including safe stop and with two speeds adjustable by the operator were additional demands.

GTA decided on a cooperation with Krisch-Dienst GmbH.  As drive system two ARMAK Air Motors AGP10 were selected which drive via a gear train the two friction wheels arranged on both sides of the monorail.
A pneumatic-hydraulic high pressure Trojan pump actuates the hydraulic brake. Specially for this application Krisch-Dienst developed a new control system, which regulates the brake action and the air motor operation. Designed for a mining application, certification to ATEX M I was also required and obtained.

The enclosed pictures 1 - 4 show the result:

This new GTA design met great interest in Germany, Europe and even in Asia.

Our motors can be seen at the Hannover Messe
Hall 21 - C39/1




picture 1:  AGP10FL ARMAK Air Motor with Lever Control Valve


picture 2:  GTA -Locomotive. The brake system, the friction wheel, the control panel mounted on a jib and the air supply can be seen.


picture 3:  GTA - trial operation on the 15° test stand with a 3.000 kg load


picture 4:  GTA drive, from top down - the friction wheel, the gear train (blue), the ARMAK air motor (black) and the control and air supply.


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