Stainless Armak Valves for Air Motors

Armak Air Valves are a patented design with a new sealing system, using the actuating system pressure as sealing agent and hence are different from conventional cone seat valves or from those using O-rings for sealing. 
When actuating the Armak valve, the sealing surface is lifted, the valve seat is moved into the end position and the seat again is lowered. The actuating system pressure assures a leak proof seal. This design allows for smoother and better control as is possible with conventional valves with circular or diamond shaped openings or when compared with cone seats.
Winch and hoist applications are most arduous applications due to the required safe lowering of loads. Such valves must have a safe bias function. Users of Armak valves will confirm that these valves not only allow finer control but also full power on lifting and safe bias on lowering. Special check plates allow for valve adjustment  for each individual application by the user.

For each user of Hand Lever Control Valves the position of the hand lever is the most important feature of the valve. It must assure convenient handling.
On conventional lever control valves the lever is in a fixed position, and subject to the installation of the motor. On Armak lever control valves the user can adjust the hand lever to the most convenient position: lever up or down or to the front, as can be seen in the enclosed drawing.

Armak Remote Control Valves use the identical technology as the lever control valves but can be remote controlled from a distance of up to 10 m.




Armak Air Motor AGP04 with hand lever
control valve HCV and brake.

Hand lever adjusted side ways.




Armak Air Motor AGP16  and variations of hand lever adjustment
which can be adjusted in the field

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