ARMAK Geared Piston Motors - a new and superior technology - contact free running - long operating life - reliable and lowest maintenance

Applications and Advantages

ARMAK Geared Piston Motors are developed

as Air Motor AGP, for winch drives, in conveyors, for marine applications, for off-shore, in general engineering and wherever high safety  (explosion hazard), simple control and simple installation are demanded.

as Gas Pressure Motor GGP, the generator drive in ORC plants to produce electricity from waste heat. Applications are CHP plants, Biogasplants or Solartheat by Mirrors or Collectors. Besides the generator drive GGP we can supply the other ORC key components, the fluid metering pump.

as Steam Motor SGP for operating temperature up to 200 °C – still in development

All three motor versions do have these technical advantages:

  • non contacting torque producing parts, hence long operating life
  • only five wear parts - 4 bearings, 1 shaft seal.
  • vibration free running even at high motor rpm 
  • compact design with freedom of installation
  • totally closed motor housing; no oil sump 
  • metric flange and shaft to IEC standard 
  • wide speed range – high start torque

In Gas Pressure Motors GGP and in Steam Motors SGP the shaft of the power lobe (in picture on top) is also the drive shaft.

In Air Motors AGP the motor torque is generated in the power lobe (in the picture on top) and is transferred to the output shaft of the sealing rotor (in the picture at bottom)
In Air Motors for winch drive the combination of Armak Valve with Armak Brake allows the use of Parking Brakes to EU Machinery Directive.